Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Links in absentia

Sorry for the long absence; I was away most of last week on a rehearsal retreat, and I'll be darned if I'm going to post to a blog from a cabin in the Sierras (much less on a dial-up line...)

I'm swamped in some new research right now, but in doing so, came across some good links. Not quite sure how to do this - since if I just send you to Delicious, they'll get buried if you find this posting a week from now. I'll probably just link them from here too:

DevArts: "Development and Art seeks to collect, share, and support the ways visual artists everywhere are creating a better world."

"A Web-Based Resource for the Craft Art Community - v.3" - check out his main page too - the vision is growing (courtesy of Omidyar Network).

And a (fledgling) list of nonprofit blogs - please add your own, or send me a link and I can throw it up there. :-)


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