Friday, March 10, 2006

Drupal for Nonprofits - Resources

I posted a bunch of samples and resources in the Net2Learn, within the "Drupal for Nonprofits" resource center.

And for what it's worth, my call for a volunteer has gone completely unheeded. What, do I need ot turn to France or Brazil to find someone?


Blogger David Geilhufe said...

The request is probably better made in the established Drupal communities.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Greg Beuthin said...

I _did_ post this to Drupal, with no luck, but maybe I didn't do it often / wide enough (I come from a net generation that dictates multiple cross-posting is lame...)

I also put this on Consultant Commons, but I know traffic there is much lower (for now!). I'll probably tap Zack at Civic Space to see if we can get the Theatre Without Borders folks on the receiving end of a barn-raising day....

3:58 PM  

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