Friday, May 06, 2005

Not quite a "redesign"

... but... I held my nose, viewed source on a friend's Blogger page, yanked some HTML, and now have a handy one-click spot to the right (over there) that aggregates my current research "threads" (or buckets, as noted ....)

I have already discussed the ticketing and open content research. I added my growing number of tags to "arts distrcits" that I've found on the web - just because it's research I've been doing, and I have the links, and so what the heck. If it's too much information, it's your problem, not mine. :-)


Anonymous Beth said...

Hi Greg,

We met at the arts table at NTC a year or so ago ...

Anyway, been following your blog. I have a question - who's blogging in the arts world?

I've started to answer some of it --

Come by and leave a comment or share your thoughts so I can link to you.

11:51 AM  

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