Friday, March 10, 2006

Handy page translation code

For anyone reaching out in the international realm (or maybe just wants to reach the millions of Spanish and other-language speakers in the U.S.), you may want to check out the Google translation hack that can put a line of code on your website to translate it into another language.

I've posted the general info here, with a link therein to the original post where I found the code. (That last link is fairly busy, but the content you're looking for is right in the center.....)

[Quick update: The original post uses PHP code to grab the current URL of the page you're looking at, and then inserts it into the translate link code. I have to hard code the URL because the PHP didn't work in the blog template - and I really don't knwo what I'm doing, so I couldn't hack it. What that means is the translate link you see on the right of my blog only translates the home page URL: So if you're looking at some archived material, and you click on a translate link, you'll see the homepage in another language, not the archived article you're looking at.]
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