Friday, January 28, 2005

Audience reviews as community building

One of the themes some colleagues and I have been tossing around is how nonprofit organizations can build community that supports their organization (read: get potential audiences/ donors invested in the work of the organization) using inexpensive online tools.

We've already seen an example of community building - behind-the-scenes blogging. And here's another one: audience reviews.

One example is the SF Fringe Festival. Since anyone can apply to present a show at the SFFF, it makes sense that anyone else can review a show. I believe the reviews are somewhat moderated (i.e. irrelevant or offensive ones are not posted) - in any case, I'm sure a lot is done manually behind the scenes.

Would a wiki be better for this?

... What's a wiki?

Then there is the Invitational ReviewBlog model - this one powered by blogging software...?

Other examples?

And to expand the question - how else are arts organizations using online tools like blogs and wikis (for example, for educational programs)?

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Blogger marnie webb said...

Related (I think, anyway): Andy Carvin has started a blog called The Gates @ Central Park that's open to people who want to post about Christo's art project in NYC. Interesting use of a free tool.

8:32 PM  

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