Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some cool arts-related things

Mostly from Beth's artsblog link (see comment on previous post).

First, that focuses on new media. But wow - what a great marriage of community-building and technology. A quick round-up:
  • Regularly updates news / info pages
  • Submit and view other people's art
  • Submit and view events
  • Submit and view opportunities
  • Community listings
And another page that is not a community-building site, but has one key feature that I love. I first looked at this Italian blog and thought - I wish I could read it. And lo - click on the "read more" link....

Now if only more sites would do that (and I don't just mean into English) we might start something *really* happening here. (Do I sense yet another category list of bilingual sites/ blogs?......)


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