Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More coverage of the techno-DIY phenom in the arts

So I've talked a couple of times about the trend of artists bucking the middle-person - e.g. "curators" - in favor of producing and distributing art themselves. This trend is gaining currency and coverage, and a good way of interpreting it is presented in Andrew Taylor's arts participation breakdown. I would argue that artists have (tried to) conform to a "curatorial" space for a very long time, vying for air-time and credibility as determined by institutions. And that's changing because of technology and economics - there's actual money to be made using technology to circumvent the Big Guys (NYT non-theatre link just to reflect the techno-DIY trend....)

(In reference to the Newsweek article, how ecommerce would work for a performing arts group is still a little unclear to me. Fine artists and musicians typically have "products"; performing arts organizations' "products" hinge on the fact that you are attending a live experience.....)

Note that all the while, I still believe there are benefits to partnering with (or perhaps being lucky and/ or talented enough to be chosen by) an institution that will support your work.


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