Monday, September 12, 2005

Vacation OFF, Work ON (hmmm, brain still OFF)

So I returned to work last week with no emergencies in my mailbox (although my very first meeting made up for that). What was in my mailbox, though, was a number of great emails about, or related to, this blog - which I'll try to keep up with in the next couple of days.

First of all - it's happening RIGHT NOW - is the nonprofit blog exchange. In case you didn't know, talking about - and linking to - other people's blogs is a key way of publicising yourself and you blog. Lots of bloggers track who links to them and talks about them - and if you have the obvious good taste to like their blog, then they'll come check out what else you have to say, and they'll talk about you, and all of a sudden both of you have expanded your audiences.

Well, I admittedly do a poor job of that, because I tend to link mainly to websites, not blogs, and folks tend not to scan who links to their websites as judiciously as who links to their blogs.

(So one thing I promise, as I dig through my email heap, is more links to good blogs.)


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