Thursday, November 10, 2005

Assorted: Honolulu and Berkeley Arts; Accidental Techie, and free conference calling

Since my last post was 100% link-free, I thought I'd do a little catch up.

One thing about my blog is sometimes I can't remember if I've actually posted something before. So excuse me if I've already pointed to the slick Honolulu Arts blog - somewaht close to my heart, since UH is my undergrad alma mater. There's also the Berkeley Arts Fest - which during the off season appears to be a (manually) aggregated listing of Berkeley, California arts shows - maybe they could use some help automating their postings? (Both of these can also be found if you click the links off to the right there.)

Also, on a purely tech level, CompassPoint has published a series of resources online aimed at the "accidental techie"..... Which is usually the level of techspertise available on-staff at most small performing arts orgs.

Finally, following up the discussion a while back on the Butts in Seats blog about tools that can be used to work remotely with a creative team, I came across this review of a free conference-call company called Now you can argue about the right shade of chartreuse for that backdrop without having to fly the designer in! (I'm joking, I have utmost respect for designers....) Also available in the UK and Germany!


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