Thursday, April 06, 2006

New colors, new topics

One reason this blog has been quiet recently is because of lot of my work has not be focused on arts-and-tech-related topics. So I don't post anything - which is exactly not how this is supposed to work. So I'm expanding my arena of discussion here:
  • Tech for arts orgs
  • Online community building (to empower civic engagment, not necessarily building community for community's sake)
  • Social web tools (otherwise known as Web2.0 tools).

As for those social web tools - they don't work! I am trying to use Performancing, which opens a text-editing window in your browser, then post directly to one or more of your blogs - without having to log in to any of them. (You have to set them up at the beginning, of course).

But so far, I'm getting errors. In fact, my previous version of this post raved about Performancing - before I lost the entire post because I was trying to reconfigure my Blogger settings - because... did I say this before - It doesn't work!

Hmmm, so much for easy-to-use social web tools.

And I know Flock is supposed to be able to do the same thing - but I haven't gotten that working either. Maybe that's the other reason I haven't been posting much lately - I'm still trying to get the bugs out of the tools that were supposed to make this easier.


Blogger Will Pate said...

Hey Greg,

What kind of error are you getting with Flock? If you send us something through the feedback form we can help you out:


Will Pate
Community Ambassador, Flock

3:48 PM  

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