Tuesday, July 25, 2006

RSS to Email?

I'm testing an RSS to email feature, and since my previous tests have failed, I've decided to go live on this blog in an effort to force the service I'm trying out - Squeet - to send me an email update of my blog.

No, I'm not doing this because I would prefer to get blog updates via email. But I might want to get wiki updates via email, and as far as I can tell, WikiSpaces doesn't support email updates, only RSS/ Atom feeds.

See, I've helped someone set up a WikiSpace because - well, it's easy to use, particulary for non-techies. And then to ask people to set up a feed-reader? Not in my world, dood. KISS - email and the Web - baby steps, baby steps. I'm not throwing Wiki-style CamelCase and RSS to a tech newbie in the same week....

(And if this fails, I may have to add another filler blog post.... Pray that it works...)


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