Friday, June 17, 2005

Arts Blogging in my own backyard

Laughing Squid's implementation of WordPress (which they are offering to all of their hosted sites) is a great example of how something as simple as a blog can be pretty versatile without trying too hard.

One nice this about this blog is the ability to tag individual items (something I don't do in Blogger because there's no native support for it.) But if you look at the bottom of any given post, you'll see what words they've used to tag their content. Go on, click on one of the tags....

You'll be brought to another live page, consisting only of content marked with that tag. And better yet, it has a permanent URL. For example, I randomly picked the "books" tag. (There's not much there as of July 17th, but it's a newish blog....) I don't have to change my link above to the books tag, yet I will always see new stuff that gets posted; and best for the Squid Team, they don't have to do a lot of fancy HTML'ing and re-organizing of their web-content folders for all that to happen....

And a side-trip inspired by this blog: There's a post about the Royal De Luxe parade in Nantes. All Scott had to do was go to Flikr, type in "royaldeluxe", and all of a sudden he can see a ton of other photos from that same parade.

Depending on the rights available for each photo (which are listed on any given photo page on Flikr), you can dig up your own relevant photo content- whether it's about gay pride, a particular type of art, fire-dancing, or even protests - you just have to figure out what "tag" is going to give you the best results....


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