Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Conferences and Festivals

I'm about to jet off to the NET Fest (for my personal, nefarious purposes) - but if there's any interesting technology happening there, you'll be the first to know, fer sure.

In the meantime, the technology innovation discussion continues at the SuperNova conference - starting with, it sounds like, the age-old questions "Is this really innovation?" - and for whom, exactly?:
Honestly, the most interesting thing on display is the gender dynamic of the conversation. I can'’t tell whether this is a relevant detail or not, but I'’ll include it nonetheless: The room is very predominantly male. Janice, you might have noticed from some pronoun clues, is female. Has that set the tone of the discussion at all? Would Chris Anderson have drawn more snark from the audience had he been Christine, instead of, ostensibly, Christopher?

I think I might have noticed one other black man at the conference so far, so maybe that'’s the only reason I'm sensitive to this.


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