Tuesday, July 05, 2005

CC licenses - different for developing countries

I like the idea behind Creative Commons in general - picking and choosing which rights you allocate to any particular creation of yours (as opposed to the good-ole "all rights" or "no rights"). While this idea has been gathering momentum in Europe (and even Brazil), it's a hard sell in Africa, for good reason:
But many developing countries – especially those in Africa – have yet to fully embrace the open content concept. This is because of a number of factors – most importantly Africans’ general distrust of ‘giving away’ information when indigenous knowledge is being regularly ‘stolen’ by people outside of the community.
And now here's another reason I like Creative Commons - I can differentiate my licenses between "developing" and "developed" nations (as defined by the World Bank).
The Developing Nations license allows you to invite a wide range of royalty-free uses of your work in developing nations while retaining your full copyright in the developed world.


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