Monday, July 25, 2005

Good, or rather, "Delicious" resources (and a gratuitous France connection)

In case you're wondering what those links are to the right, I started using for work a few months ago. At its most basic, it's a way of organizing bookmarks using an online service (handy if you use computers at home as well as at work); and also allows you to add your own "categories." I say this now because in my previous discussion about it, I kinda glossed over this simplest application of it.

I'm using it frequently for work - and for home, so now I know I'm a convert.... For example, I'm going to France for a month, and I occasionally find websites at work that I want to access from home (... uh, I didn't just say that on a work blog, did I?.... Well, see ObFrance reference below). So now I just post those links to, add the word "France" in the tags, and when I go home and check my account - Voila, as they say.
(Or "wala" as Sean Daniels sez... ;-) )
You can stretch the list above and find all links tagged "France" using the URL "hack."
Anyway, nptechxpert Brian Del Vecchio has compiled a list of resources; unfortunately, although it starts with a list of "primers" for non-techies, it's listed in a format that may be confusing to non-techies (well, let's just say I was confused, but that may not be saying much...).

So I'll help cut to the chase by leaping the link to a great (and straightforward, non-techie) overall description of how works (and "John" even translated the page into Spanish...)

OK - an obligatory France Work Link then: As part of this year's "Bresil en France" celebrations, the "Libre Software Meeting" (last month) hosted Sergio Amadeu of the National Institute of Information Technologies, the man responsible for pushing the Brazilian governement towards Open Source software (he equated Microsoft to drug-dealers, saying they distributed low-cost hardware, then jacked up the cost of maintaining the systems with expensive software licensing - French description here).

Hmm - Brazil and France. That's a goooood combo in my book.


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