Monday, July 18, 2005

Another one overdue - Cal Shakes blogs

So I had to find out about this one the hard way - by reading about it... on paper! (That "Victorian affectation," as NTK used to call it.) This month's Theatre Bay Area magazine has a brief mention of Cal Shakes' new associate artistic director's blog, for their (past) show Othello.

Evidently, something worked because now Sean Daniels (AAD in question) asked three actors (Domenique Lozano, Jim Carpenter, and Joan Mankin) to blog their experience for the new adaption of the Dicken's epic, Nicholas Nickelby.

Judging from the entries, I'm guessing the actor-bloggers got swallowed by the production sometime in the last few days of rehearsal - something probably unavoidable for people involved in a big show like that. But up until then, it's fascintating to read the ins and outs of rehearsals - as well as the ins and outs of performers' minds.

(And something else that seems unavoidable - not knowing who is going to give you feedback...)


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