Monday, April 10, 2006

Flocker blogging fixed?

If you understand this subject line, you're waaaay ahead of me. (Fogging blocker flix? Focking blix flogger?) Given a nudge by the Flock team I wanted to make sure I had done my due diligence before resorting to the Flockspertise. (I'll stop soon, I promise.)

Turns out that though the auto-setup function doesn't work "automatically" - if you cancel it you can enter your own info. I knew that previously, but what to enter there wasn't clear until I dug up this post - and I'll repost the information here for convenience:

To set up Flock with your Blogger account
1. Tools--> Options --> Blogging tab --> click plus ("+") sign
2. Try typing in the url for your blog (if it finds it, stop here)
3. If it doesn't find it, click CANCEL
4. Manual entries
XML-RPC API: choose Blogger
Blog ID: find this by going to, logging
in, and going to your blog's page (past the dashboard) - you will see
the ID at the end of the url
Access Point:

I'm now trying it, and if this is the end of the post, that means I was successful.

Update: I was able to successfully set up the blog account on Flock, but not post. These are the errors I got:
* A pop-up window: "blogger getPost() not implemented"
* Then the standard page not found - "Flock could not find the server"

Update2: I discovered the post I tried to make from Flock was actually posted despite the error messages - without my subject line (using instead my first line of text). And the formatting was very spaced out. But it... worked? Flock is still a work in progress, so if we make a step forward every day, we're still getting somewhere. :-)


Anonymous Eric said...

I've been testing out Flock myself, I was impressed with the idea but not the product. We use Wordpress blogs so my issues are different than the blogger ones, more to do with crashing browsers and nasty HTML getting inserted, no error messages yet... Anyway thanks for posting about blogging clients I'm always interested to see how people are changing their workflow to fit in more writing.

8:59 AM  

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