Wednesday, May 31, 2006

WOW! - Slick theatre preview!

In a moment of downtime (downtime? wassat?) after all the conference/camps I've been to, I caught up with some of my personal mail. One was from the Magic Theatre (in San Francisco), that is producing The Long Christmas Ride Home, by Pulitzer-winner Paula Vogel.

Of course, given my theatre background, I'm interested in this - and since a member of my performance group is one of the puppeteers, I'm doubly interested. By their online preview was so slick and ... well, awesome, I stopped everything to blog about it. They also have interviews with the creative team, as well as a radio podcast from Cool as Hell (mentioned here previously).

.... Wow. Not only is it a great preview, but - I stopped everything to blog about it -. I've been bitten by the big blue-black blog bug that bleeds blue (say that for your performance warm-ups).


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