Friday, June 09, 2006

Tech Strategies for the Developing World

"Tech Strategies for the Developing World" is (my) title for a series of conversations we had at WineCamp - what kinds of technology (if any?) could be directly useful "on the ground" in rural parts of the developing world - as opposed to just looking at technology from a generalized "learning technology is good for job-training" standpoint. I didn't take notes at the time (hey, we had no power!), but I wrote down all I could remember from those conversations, and put the notes on the (new) WineCamp wiki.

I'll likley go back to it and start adding URLs as I find them (like the wifi bus and MobileActive and Grameen). However, the Wiki is not a good place to have a conversation, so I (or you?) need to check out Omidyar, the obvious place to continue this conversation - and see if there's any community there of this sort yet or not. And if not, let's start one!

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