Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spin Project - Presentation and thoughts

I just got back from the Spin Academy, and boy am I dizzy. (Ba-dum tsss).

I have uploaded the full presentation I gave at Spin on the Consultant Commons website. Yes, it's very similar to the CTN presentation, but the difference in the room was significant. Most of the folks at Spin Academy are inherently interested in expanding their online voice, and a lot of them were younger than myself, so there was a lot more energy and interest in what some of these tools can do - and less apprehension about "the new stuff I have to learn." (And I can't blame it on the fact that my CTN presentation was the dreaded late afternoon slot - my Spin presentation was after dinner! And we went 30 minutes over!).

Some quick thoughts:
  • I need to get a lot more familiar with podcasting. Honestly, I tend to know what I know because I've messed around with the tools - even if I haven't used them. But I've listened to a total of one podcast so far - and I'll be honest - it showed when I tried to answer questions.
  • One attendee came up to me afterwards and said that their organization uses a blog to post news-related commentary - and gets listed on GoogleNews! That's a great way to work the system.
  • We talked briefly at the end of the presentation about social network tools. I expressed my specific feelings about social networking "destinations" (that I've expressed on this forum before) - although not very much coverage was given to the potential successful uses of places like MySpace. I could point to some, but maybe a better riposte to my argument are some of the thoughts about the use of MySpace, from NetSquared (the link takes you to the search results page for "MySpace").

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm blogging from CTN

Holy cramoly - wasn't that cool!

Blogged with Flock

Update: Yeah, so I gave a pesentation yesterday at the CTN conference - and at the end of it, I blogged directly to Ext311 from Flock. HEnce the random photo from upstate New York, and the text.

My full ppt presentation is here, and all the links to the apps referred in the presentation are here.

And I'm doing something again - similar, yet different - at the Spin Academy next week, up in Sonoma.