Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Confession: I'm leading a doubl-ogging life.

If you read the small print in the About Me, you'll note I'm also a performing artist, and as such I'm experimenting quite liberally with a lot of the things I talk about here... somewhere else.

I'll get into some more of the details laters, but my main confession is that after pitching the idea to some orgs, and actually seeing other performing arts orgs doing it, I started my own "performance/ rehearsal" blog.

Interestingly, most conventional wisdom seems to indicate that having a blog would encourage people to come see the show. While that may be true, it's unclear how much of an effect the blog has had on attendance (I haven't been asking nor handing out surveys...). What I do know is that people who have seen the show are reading the blog afterwards. Hmmm - I'll take it anyway. ;-)

The more lessons I glean from this process, the more I'll share....


Anonymous Eric said...

Interesting you say about reading the blog afterward, I looked up SuperDuperVision afer their performances at the Walker

It describes itself as:
The official blog of the new performance piece, SUPER VISION. SUPER VISION is an original theatre work by The Builders Association, in collabortion with d-box.

1:24 PM  
Blogger Greg Beuthin said...

The Builder's Association! I've never seen their work, but I've heard so much about them.... Thanks for the pointer - this will likely make it's own entry....

3:20 PM  

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