Friday, June 09, 2006

Making Media Connections - but no resources yet

I just got back from the Community Media Workshop conference in Chicago, where I ran a four hour workshop/ presentation on blogging, tagging and RSS (full PDF is linked here). I learned a lot, and I also realized that there are a lot of tools that we take for granted in this web-saturated corner of our world (read: California Bay Area) that can be of huge use to nonprofits. Of course we know that, otherwise we would not have put on the NetSquared conference - but many of the people at the conference had never heard of NetSquared, nor CompuMentor. In fact, it was one of the first times I've presented in front a group of nonprofits (and kudos to CMW to getting together such a great pool of nonprofits) where barely half had heard of So we are still challenged with getting the word out there - it's not so much a digital divide, as a knowledge gap.

I was on a "Web tools" panel the second day, the audience make-up of which was similar to my workshop the first day - a mix of web-savvy folks and those just trying to understand and catch-up. A bunch of tools and URLs were thrown around, and I volunteered to capture them for future reference. I haven't done it yet! But I'm working on it - check back on my blog soon!



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