Monday, June 12, 2006

The resources are here!

Some more things I learned while in Chicago:

Both Steppenwolf Theatre and fans of Chicago Classical Music have multiple-author blogs! Way to go!

So I finally posted all the website links that we mentioned - even in passing - during our web tools conversations at the Community Media Workshop conference in Chicago. Even if you weren't there, this might be an interesting list for you to look at, since it's the more comprehensive list of tools I've put together, and even tried to add some sort of context in their description.

What you are looking at: This is a list of websites that I have "bookmarked" on the website I have bookmarked the sites, added a brief description, and then added "tag" categories of my own making. If you read my previous post about, then you'd know that you can slice-n-dice this list in several ways. For example, everything tagged with mmc2006 (my tag in reference to the Making Media Connections conference) can be found from teh link above.

If you only want to look at the blog-related items on the list, add the tag "blog" using a plus (+) sign directly in the URL:

If you wanted to look at the advocacy tools, add "advocacy":

If you wanted to get sneaky, you could drop the "mmc2006" tag, and see anything tagged "advocacy" within all of - which may mean you'll get things out of context.

See my previous post for more info about how the tags (and URLs) work, and how looking at my tags is different than looking at all tags.

(And this has also been tagged in Technorati under:


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